The principle consists of creating one or more preferred impact points for a lightning strike using low impedance conductor elements. These then conduct and dissipate the lightning current into the ground. This coherent system enables the lightning to be captured and dissipated whilst providing protection to the structure.

There are four types of lightning conductors for protecting structures against lightning:

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Type Lightning Rod
-Simple Rod
-Mesh Rod
-Catenary Wire Lightning Conductor

PROTART ESE Lightning Protection System in Bangladesh

The Early Streamer Emission terminal releases positive ions into the atmosphere which attracts the lightning emissions.

• Stainless steel with superior quality to avoid corrosion
• No battery or external energy required
• Suitable for any weather condition
• Complies with NFC 17-102 Standard.
•PROTART ESE Lightning Rods are manufactured from high quality stainless steel which makes it durable against the toughest weather conditions.
PROTART ESE Lightning Rods consist of 3 parts; Air Terminals, Ion Generator, and Roof Connection Pipe. Air Terminal is produced of stainless steel and it has a qualified diameter to resist high values of lightning currents. Ion Generator is located in a special section which is inside of the stainless body and covered with special resin from outer effects. As the atmospheric electric field increases during a lightning storm, the generator becomes active and ionizes the surrounding air.


It is critical to install a Lightning Protection System (LPS) to ensure that your facility is secured from such a lightning strike. The majority of LPS are placed on roofs in areas where lightning strikes are common. During the construction phase, the LPS is frequently included into a continual membrane roofing system.


In Bangladesh, a basic lightning protection system will cost approximately between 6,00,000 and 7,50,000 BDT. Highly professional lightning protection systems might amount up to 9,50,000 BDT given that you choose for bigger and costlier projects.



Lightning strikes can harm or kill people in a variety of ways. Within or around a building, thunderstorms (or even electrical discharges caused by adjacent lightning) can produce fires, explosions, chemical releases, or mechanical disruption. Individuals (and animals) in close proximity can be injured or even killed by the step and contact voltages generated by a lightning strike.

The possibility of harm to critical electronic systems, as well as the gravity of the repercussions of any damage, is more real than ever. Industrial, economic, and governmental organizations alike would be crippled if these systems were lost.


The costs of various components of the lightning protection system are listed below.

A lightning arrester rod, also known as a lightning conductor, is a metal rod that protects a structure from thunderstorms and lightning strikes. Copper is the strongest conductor of electricity, hence this lightning arrester is built of copper and brass alloy.

PROTART Lightning arrester system price in Bangladesh would be ranging from 5,00,000 to 7,50,000 BDT.

A conventional surge protector distributes electrical current to a number of devices hooked into the power cord via the outlet. The protector will channel any excess electricity into the outlet grounding wire if the voltage rises over the permitted threshold.

Surge protector price in Bangladesh would be between 20,000 to 50,000 BDT only.

This is similar to a lightning arrester and it will keep your electronic gadgets from risk during thunderstorms and lightning strikes.

Thunder protector price in Bangladesh would be starting from 6,00,000 to 10,00,000 BDT.

The Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Arrester is a safe and dependable solution for protecting your building or solar project against direct lightning strikes. The ESE Lightning Arrester, also referred as Active Lightning Arrester, allows you to reduce the number of Lightning Arresters and down conductors required for your building or solar project while still offering comprehensive protection.

ESE lightning arrester price in Bangladesh is around 7,50,000 to 9,00,000 BDT.


You must be familiar with all the factors of an optimal lightning protection solution in order to make an informed purchase of the required lightning protection system.

The cost of a lightning protection system in Bangladesh will also vary depending on the features or on the type of project you want it for. Get an idea of the vital components of the lightning and surge protection system in Bangladesh by going through our lightning protection system buying guide.


The potential differences induced by lightning currents are reduced by lightning equipotential bonding. This is accomplished by using conductors or surge protecting devices to connect all isolated conducting portions of the system.


For lightning protection, copper and aluminum cable conductors are built with thinner gauge individual wires in a smooth weaving or rope-lay pattern. This design provides the most contact area per unit of weight of conductor, allowing lightning to travel swiftly over the surface.


The use of the grounding electrode is to transfer lightning and other unwanted voltages from the power circuit to the earth, where they can be taken away from the electrical connections of the buildings.


Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are used to safeguard the electrical installation, which includes the consumer unit, wiring, and accessories, against transient voltage overloads (electrical power surges).


Protart offers professional designs for lightning protective devices, thunder protection systems, surge protection systems, lightning arrester systems, and any other LPS systems based on our customers’ particular preferences.

When creating a lightning protection system, we at Protart are fully aware that all of the risks must be evaluated and mitigated. With over a century of experience, our support and skills have helped thousands of businesses, large and small, achieve successful lightning protection.

Protart assists in the design of lightning protection for projects that meet our clients’ objectives. Our forward-thinking factory is continually looking for new methods to meet our customers’ needs. We can produce various projects that require particular design or dimensioning. For lightning protection, we use multiple renowned international standards like NFPA 780, BS EN/IEC, NFC 17-102 and as well as our national standard BNBC code. 

Even for products that aren’t part of our conventional product line, we can create custom-designed products to meet the needs of our customers.

Here at Protart, we hold monthly training sessions for distributors in order to share knowledge and deliver the safest solutions to customers all around the world. Themes of lightning protection are covered in professional or skills training programs.


A lightning protection system‘s goal is to protect properties from fire or mechanical damage, as well as to keep people inside from being hurt or killed. External lightning protection (thunderstorm protection/earthing) and interior lightning protection make up an entire lightning protection system (surge protection).