Company History

PROTART was founded in 2008 with a purpose to serve the needs and wants of the clients looking for quality and cost effective solutions in the global market. Since the day PROTART was founded, it kept growing in the areas served and widened product ranges. With its strong R&D, manufacturing experience and solid background, PROTART progressed in the international lightning protection market with speed and agility.

Mission & Vision

PROTART’s goal has been and always will be to provide only the highest quality lightning protection system components available anywhere. This commitment to quality is also reflected in our engineering and customer service operations where no short cuts are taken and long term customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Our Values Are :

  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Development
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation


Protart provides support to design lightning protection of projects within the needs of our clients. Our designing services are:

-Drawing Lightning Protection Installation

-Determining Needs for Lightning Protection and Grounding


Our innovative factory always seek to produce new products to supply our clients’ demands. For some projects that needs special designed or dimensioned we are able to produce

Even for some products that are not within our standard product range, we are able to produce special designed products within necessities of our clients.


Protart organizes regular trainings for distributors to share its experiences and provide safest solutions to all over the world. Technical or skills training programs are given around the themes of protection against lightning.